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cash control

My Mission

Millennials are on the verge of becoming their own bosses and leaving the corporate world. However I have witnessed a lot of my peers go in to debt or their startups have flopped because of improper business practices. We all need help when it comes to financial literacy, so I've created Cash Control to assist my peers with their personal and business bookkeeping. 

CTRL Budget + ALT Lifestyle + DEL Debt

I was able to save way more than anticipated

Cash Control helped me visualize my budget. Cecily gave me a spending and savings plan to hep me attain my goal within six months. But two months in I was able to maintain and cutback on my spending habits. I was able to save way more than anticipated! Thank you!

Andrea -USPS Employee & Satisfied Client

insightful & understanding of my needs

"During our interactions, Cecily made sure to keep me updated on my financial plan. She would contact me for better understanding of my needs before finishing my project. The calendar was truly made based off my personality! Cecily was very insightful as she gave me the inspiration I needed to stay financially sound. "

Andy - Salaried Employee 

professional, productive & efficient 

"Every step of the way Cecily was professional, from communication to presentation. She did not lie when she said turn around time is within 2 weeks! I was able to start with my savings by my next paycheck. I truly enjoyed the services Cash Control provides and will be using them again!" 

Derrick - Part Time Cashier